Welcome to Paul Birkett Consulting
Nationwide, specialized consulting services focused on historic windows, doors, architectural woodwork and hardware based on more than 25 years experience on high end residential, commercial and large-scale government projects.

National Register Listed Properties - National Historic Landmarks - Exclusive Residential

Design Drawings
Typical Elevations, Floor Plans, Window/Door/Hardware Schedules, details...
Fabrication / Shop Drawings
Fabrication drawings for windows, hardware components, etc.
3d Illustrations
Illustrations for assembly instructions, documentation, explanation.
Historic moulding recreations shown under dormer with replica copper ridge installed.
Sampling and Cellular Wood Identification
Macro/Microscopic Wood Species Analysis on a cellular level.
Design Mockups
Mockups of work as proposed to determine feasibility or to serve as standard for construction phase work.
Surveying, Sampling, Reporting
Window Surveys (conditions, anachronisms, dimensions) as well as wood and finish sampling and providing survey reports.
Software/Database Engineering
To support large surveying efforts, relational databases are designed and used featuring MS Access and SQL Server.
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